One of the more unexpected announcements among the Inside Xbox news today was the debut of Bandai Namco’s Scarlet Nexus – a new action-RPG from the “minds behind the iconic Tales of Vesperia.” It’s a dash of post-apocalyptic anime where you control a psychic soldier who’s part of humanity’s last line of defence against mutant monsters.

As a new recruit named Yuito Sumeragi, you’ll use the powers of psycho-kinesis to fight against the invincible menace of the Others. In practical terms, that means you’re gonna be using your mind to smash weird monsters with cars and other debris. The trailer showcases some pretty dynamic, combo-driven action, and it all looks quite nice.

The devs emphasise that this is a story-driven experience on the official site, and one that blends a futuristic Japan with elements of Western sci-fi. It’s got a bit of the anime apocalypse aesthetic that drove Bandai Namco’s own Code Vein, and seeing the Tales developers move on to a whole new concept is exciting enough on its own.

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