Have you ever heard of a hero that always needs to be saved? No? Well, then get ready for the first one. Hero (yeah that’s how he likes to be called) is the only guy standing between the planet’s safety and 11 monsters that are trying to bring havoc everywhere. Why does he always need to be saved? Simple. He’s as forgetful as they come. He’s about to fight an ice monster? For sure, he forgets the fuel for his flamethrower! How about fighting a flame-breathing dragon? Obviously, he leaves his fireproof shield at home! It’s in these situations that he calls for backup, and here’s where the Hero Express comes into play. They’re the best of the best when it comes to deliveries. Their motto? “Heroic deliveries, right on time!” Delivery Guy (yeah, stop asking! It’s his name!) is the one they always send in these dire times. He’s their best man when it comes to delivering packages fast in dangerous places and never fails to do his job splendidly! Do you have the skills to get Delivery Guy to the end of each track in this 2D physics driven driving game? Cause Hero Express is already available on Xbox One!

Hero ExpressHero Express

To get to the end of each track you need some skills, as you don’t want your vehicle to topple over and break the package you’re delivering (at least we hope you don’t!). But you can also upgrade your car with the coins collected on the track and make its 4 stats (engine, wheels, traction, and stability) more powerful. But in the end the skill is what gets you to the end of the track, so here’s a couple of tricks for you.

Hero ExpressHero Express

By using the left analog stick you can tilt the car midair to balance it, doing air tricks and landing safely. This is a pretty basic skill that any player learns pretty early in the game, but there’s an advanced trick to it. What you might not notice is that this trick works even when the car is touching the ground, thus being able to balance it or to do wheelies. As the car starts with traction only on the back wheels this can be used to climb high hills. Try tilting the analog back as to do a wheelie. This will minimize the impact between the front wheels and the hill, while also keeping the rear wheel steady on the ground. With this trick you can climb hills way higher than you normally could at your level!

Hero ExpressHero Express

A second trick is related to the Jumper item. It’s an item that can be collected to make high jumps and reach otherwise unreachable areas. Normally it’s used to get to alternative routes on the track, to get other items or to avoid pits that would result in a game over. The trick is to just keep a few of them (most times one is enough but you never know) until you reach a hill you can’t pass yet. When you start climbing it immediately use the jumper. This will hurl you upwards making you reach a higher point at a speed you wouldn’t normally have thus giving you higher chances to reach the hill’s top.

Hero ExpressHero Express

These 2 tricks aren’t really necessary to finish the tracks of course, but will help you beating them in no time. What to do after that then? Each track has a hard mode. A modified version of the track that’s way more difficult to beat. Sometimes it’s even longer and includes parts that weren’t there in normal mode. These hard versions will really put your skills to test and the tricks we talked about will be invaluable when challenging them.

If you like how Hero Express sounds then you should get ready for this crazy driving adventure.

Hero Express is available now for Xbox One the Microsoft Store. Click here for purchase details.

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