Another big update for Satisfactory is here, and this one is focused on the wonders of both trains and nuclear power. You can now build rail lines to ferry yourself and your goods from place to place, and nuclear power plants to produce even more juice for your tech – at the cost of mass amounts of nuclear waste, of course.

It’ll take a whole heap of resources to get a railway going, since you’re paying for the tracks and the locomotives, but it will let you efficiently cross the distance between distant stations. You can automate your trains to deliver specific goods to specific drop points, and you can even count on the tracks to deliver electricity to connecting outposts.

The other big addition is nuclear power, which will generate mass amounts of electricity and commensurate volumes of nuclear waste. It’s all hazardous to you, and while you’ve got hazmat suits to keep yourself safe, you’ve still got to figure how to store all the deadly waste.

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