The annual CES tech conference is often filled with vapourware announcements – take a look at Razer’s Project Linda for instance – but Samsung’s latest TV tech is something that urgently needs to make an appearance on the high street, no matter how long it takes.

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You see, the Korean giant has been focusing its efforts on setting itself apart from its rivals with a number of unusual TV sets. Most recently, at IFA 2017, Samsung unveiled The Frame which lets an aesthetically conscious TV owner hide their TV in plain sight, disguising it as a painting or a piece of art.

But Samsung’s awkwardly titled, The Wall, isn’t so subtle. Essentially a bezel-less, 146in modular TV with self-emitting MicroLEDs, it has nothing to do with that Dale Winton game show but is well worth keeping your (square) eyes on.

Samsung The Wall: Everything you need to know

Samsung The Wall: UK price and release date

Alas, as The Wall is still very much at an early concept stage, there’s no official word yet on UK pricing or a release date. Given the sheer impressive nature of the thing however, I’d expect The Wall to fetch a pretty penny if, and when, it shows up on the high street.

Samsung The Wall: Specs and features

Samsung’s The Wall is entirely bezel-less and because of this, the firm says, the screen can be made to whatever size you see fit. It wasn’t exactly clear how many panels used up the massive demo TV on the CES show floor, but the company said that The Wall could reach a size of over 100 inches.

All of that screen real estate would be for nought if the TV’s display quality wasn’t up to scratch. Fortunately, that isn’t the case thanks to Samsung’s special MicroLED tech doing the heavy lifting.

The way this works is, essentially, each micrometre (µm) scale LED – that are much smaller than regular LEDs – emit their own own light, eliminating the need for any backlight or colour filters. Likewise, Samsung claims that The Wall’s MicroLED tech is extremely durable, and much more power efficient.

Samsung The Wall: Early verdict

The Wall offers a very interesting glimpse into the future of TV tech. While it might not necessarily be there quite yet, and I expect Samsung will be working out any possible kinks in the coming months, MicroLED tech is filled with potential. Watch this space, it looks like the next generation of TVs are on the horizon and Samsung is leading the charge.

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