So, you’ve pre-downloaded the latest game and watched the second hand of your clock tick slowly towards that midnight launch, only to meet lengthy loading screens when you finally boot. Sure, the rotating on-screen tips are handy, but there’s only so many times you can read the same thing before you consider hurling your gaming PC out the window. But wait, there is another option – upgrade your SSD.

If you want to be first through the door to avoid spoilers in story games or keep a step ahead of your teammates in multiplayer games, you’ll want the best SSD for gaming. It seems now is the perfect time, too, as our previous top pick is currently reduced in price.

Right now, you can get 34% off the 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD on Amazon US, setting you back $164.99 for an $80 saving. A similar discount can be found across the pond, cutting the price tag down by nearly £77 (32%) to just £163.

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