Nothing has changed in Runescape, and for many members of the community, that’s the problem. The UK DCMS’s report on loot boxes last week also discussed other types of in-game monetisation, and one section of the committee’s findings mentioned a person who had built up £50,000 (around $62,000 USD) from Runescape purchases – which has ignited a fresh meltdown over the game’s aggressive microtransactions.

It’s difficult to find a post on the Runescape subreddit from the past week which isn’t about microtransactions, and developer Jagex has yet to make an official response. A number of players interviewed by Kotaku about the state of the game put the complaints in more concrete terms.

“Outrage over microtransactions in Runescape isn’t a new thing,” one player says, “there is just an overwhelming sense of ‘this company really doesn’t care about us’ when they keep, keep pushing these promotions after many years of being told to stop, or at least tone down, without any signs of interest from Jagex.”

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