A few months ago, developer Pysonix announced plans to remove Rocket League’s loot box system – called crates – with something more equitable for players. Today, the developers have detailed what that new system looks like. You’ll soon receive new items in the form of blueprints, which allow you to see what item you’ll get before you actually purchase it.

Blueprints will replace crate drops in a December update. Each blueprint represents a specific item at a specific price, and can sit in your inventory until you choose to purchase it. Blueprints will have attributes like ‘painted’ or ‘certified,’ just as crate items did. In short, it’s almost exactly like the old crate system – you just get to see what item each crate represents before you spend money.

‘Money,’ in this case, means credits, which form the new premium currency in the December update. Credits will replace keys for unlocking item drops, and they can also be used in a new item shop which will allow to directly purchase a rotating selection of cosmetics – both new items and old crate content.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/rocket-league/blueprints