Desktop real estate often comes at a price. Either you have a cluttered workstation that is impossible to keep organized, or you’re always looking for things you’ve had to move out of reach. That’s where a monitor stand can help. Our favorite is the VIVO Dual Desk Mount because it pulls your monitors up and out of the way, so you gain more surface area.

Best Overall: VIVO Dual Desk Mount

This sleek model from VIVO attaches to the rear of almost any surface with a C-clamp or bolt-through grommet. Since it doesn’t sit directly on your desk, it frees up tons of space. This model supports up to 22-pounds, and it works well for televisions and tablets too.

You’ll love the VIVO for its quality craftsmanship and thoughtful features. It can hold two 13-27-inch monitors, though it’s a tight squeeze for two larger screens. Monitors can be positions vertically or horizontally, which is endlessly helpful. My sole complaint here is that you can’t individually adjust the height of both monitors. When you move one monitor, the other follows.

This unit is easy to assemble, has a superb cable management system, and provides one of the sturdiest platforms for dual-monitor setups today. The clamp that holds the VIVO in place can fit on desks up to 4 inches thick, so it’s pretty much guaranteed to work in any space. If you need a simple dual monitor system that’s affordable, the VIVO is in a class all its own.


  • Supports two monitors
  • Fully articulating
  • Takes up no space on your desk
  • Cable management system


  • Cannot individually adjust the height of both monitors

Best Overall

VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand

  • $32 from Amazon

Free up your desktop

The VIVO pulls two monitors up and out of the way so you can focus on work and not desk clutter.

Best Value: SimpleHouseware Monitor Stand

The SimpeHouseware’s monitor stand keeps everything within easy reach while helping you stay organized. This metal stand raises your monitor or laptop by almost six inches and is wide enough for most LCDs. You can even add a second stand and line up two monitors side-by-side.

A removable sliding drawer sits on the underside of this unit, and it’s wide enough to store tablets, printer paper, or notes. Additional compartments line the sides and give space for pens, pencils, phones, and things you’d like to keep within arms reach.

This is a solid stand that’s capable of supporting a single LCD, laptop, or printer. The fact that it doubles as an organizing solution is a bonus that makes it even more of a bargain.


  • Solidly built
  • Slide-out drawer
  • Legs are height-adjustable
  • Lots of options for organization


  • Only supports one monitor

Best Value

SimpleHouseware Monitor Stand

  • $20 from Amazon

The organizer’s dream

If you like to stay organized and keep your work tools nearby, this well-built metal monitor stand will be a dream come true.

Best Multifunction Stand: FITUEYES Monitor Stand

Save desk space and cut back on neck pain with the monitor stand from FITUEYES. This all-black model is a riser for your monitor while also giving you space to store printer paper, laptops, speakers, and other items.

The simple design works well in any office. The size is just right to support one monitor, one LCD TV, or a single printer. The built-in shelves are nice for storing necessities and staying organized.

My only complaint is that this what-you-see-is-what-you-get stand is not height adjustable. Aside from that, this stand raises your monitor to a comfortable position, or you can turn it into a TV or printer stand. The construction is solid, and the price is just right.


  • Excellent for monitors, TVs, or printers
  • Solid
  • Built-in shelf
  • Small footprint


  • Not height-adjustable

Best Multifunction Stand

FITUEYES Monitor Stand

  • $20 from Amazon

So many options

This solidly-designed stand will support a computer monitor, laptop, printer, or television.

Best Adjustable Stand: 3M Adjustable Monitor Stand

This stand adjusts to three positions from one inch up to six inches, so it’s a good fit, no matter what your height. The broad base accommodates widescreen monitors, printers, laptops, TVs, and even game consoles.

The platform is sturdy, and at 11-inches, it’s wide enough to support up to 80-pounds. There’s storage space under the stand that gives enough room for printer paper, notebooks, tech devices, pens, pencils, and whatever else you want nearby.

My only beef is that this stand takes up a lot of room. If you have the extra desk real estate, this 3M riser holds your head and neck in a neutral position while you work and can be raised high enough to turn it into a platform for a standing desk.


  • Supports up to 80 pounds
  • Has 11 inches of storage space underneath
  • Non-skid base
  • Built tough


  • Takes up a lot of room

Best Adjustable Stand

3M Adjustable Monitor Stand

  • $26 from Amazon

Go high, go low

We adore this stand for its adaptability. The wide platform is perfect for monitors, TVs, laptops, and game consoles.

Best for Small Spaces: HUANUO Monitor Riser

When you don’t have the luxury of space, HUANUO monitor stands can help. This set of black metal stands lifts your monitors four inches to keep your neck in alignment while you’re seated at your desk. The small footprint means you can tuck these stands into a corner or at the edge of your desk and still have room to work and play.

The solid steel construction is tough, holding up to 44 pounds without wobbling. The vented platform promotes air circulation and prevents electronics from overheating. The base is 14 inches wide, which is ample room for two monitors to be placed side by side on two risers. You could also use one as a printer stand and other as a laptop riser, or any number of alternatives.

There’s space below this stand for notebooks, phones, or other goodies. I love the functionality and portability, but I do wish there was a cable management system. The combination of the vented platform and minimal design highlights cables instead of hiding them. This is a good set of stands at a reasonable price, and they’ll work well in areas where space is tight.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Supports up to 44-pounds
  • Two for the price of one
  • Attractive design


  • No cable hiding

Best for Small Spaces

HUANUO Monitor Riser

  • $23 from Amazon

Fits anywhere

These small stands are built strong. The design works well in any room and doesn’t take up much space.

Best for Maximizing Space: Eutuxia Glass Monitor Stand

When you desire the maximum amount of storage space, this sleek monitor stand from Eutuxia is a good choice. Tempered, durable glass makes up the base, and all-metal legs support it.

We were impressed by the extra-long space-saving design. It’s narrow but plenty wide enough to support up to 40 pounds of electronics, including two side-by-side monitors. This stand raises your viewing level by 3.5 inches, and it’s just the right height for computer monitors, laptops, gaming systems, TVs, and printers. There’s also space under the riser for a phone, tablet, remotes, speakers, or a gaming console.

There’s one caveat: this model is not height adjustable. If you’re okay with the 3.5-inch rise, that shouldn’t be an issue. This is an excellent monitor stand that will improve your office or home ergonomics.


  • Long enough for two monitors
  • Ample storage space
  • Shatterproof glass
  • Gorgeous


  • Not height-adjustable

Best for Maximizing Space

Eutuxia Glass Monitor Stand

  • $50 from Amazon

Make the most of your room

This is a solid addition to any workstation. It’s large enough to hold two monitors and has an abundance of storage space.

Bottom line

Keeping your monitor positioned at eye level reduces strain on your neck and back. Less fatigue means you’ll get more done without needing to take extra stretch breaks.

Our favorite stand is the VIVO Dual Desk Mount. It’s a sturdy system that clamps to the back of your desk, taking up almost no room. The dual stands are fully articulating. If desired, you can view one monitor horizontally and the other vertically, or position both the same way. An integrated cable management system hides unsightly cords and keeps them organized and out of the way.

If you have a dual monitor setup, we think you’ll be as wowed as we were with this stand. It safely supports twin monitors up to 27-inches and is also a good fit for tablets and televisions. If you work with two monitors, this is the stand you want. Trust me; your neck will thank you!

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