Bohemian Rhapsody?

Bohemia Interactive’s Vigor, originally released on Xbox back in August of last year, finally arrives on Switch in this paid Founder’s Pack edition – with a free to play version due sometime before the end of this year – and what we’ve got here is a pretty decent looter shooter premise with some good ideas thrown into the mix, however, it’s also got a handful of nagging technical issues on Nintendo’s console that hold it back from becoming a properly enjoyable experience in its current form.

In Vigor players are tasked with traversing various maps located in and around a post-apocalyptic slice of Norway where they must seek out an endless supply of resources and equipment in order to build and upgrade their very own base, craft weapons and survive. Matches are set against a timer which sees radiation sweep through the play area once it runs out and it’s up to you to get in, orient yourself with your map, loot as much gear as possible and hightail it out of the nearest exit before either the radiation or another player takes you out.

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