At first I was afraid, I was petrified.

The Survivalists is not the most enticing title that Team17 could have gone with for this one. Yes, it sets the stage for this follow-up to The Escapists in keeping with its traditional nomenclature, but they really should have front-loaded the monkey butlers, and called the game – for example – Monkey Butlers.

Yes, monkey butlers. In this otherwise fairly traditional top-down survival game, you are able to train a committed workforce of chimps into doing your bidding, meaning that your dreams of a primate army are tantalisingly within reach. It’s a feature that should have consistently brought great joy and elevated The Survivalists in a very packed genre, but… it doesn’t. Repetition is a big problem with many survival games, and while this undeniably cool feature of having your banana-munching crew essentially automate many common tasks is a bit of a breath of fresh air, The Survivalists still trades in its chosen genre’s familiar tropes, meaning there’s an unavoidable dose of tedium and imprecision mixed in with some flaws of its very own.

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