The Cthulhu mysteries.

Despite being a writer whose work has divided so many – especially when it comes to the legacy of his problematic views and the running theme of ‘otherness’ in his poems and prose – HP Lovecraft remains the go-to inspiration for anything remotely Gothic or tinged with thoughts of mania and delirium. Naturally, it’s only mere minutes into the opening cutscene that our grizzled and damaged antagonist – private investigator and perpetual hat-wearer, Charles Reed – steps out onto the deck of a ship and spies a squid-headed leviathan drifting in a miasma of madness.

For developer Frogwares, The Sinking City isn’t just taking inspiration from Lovecraft’s vast bibliography. It’s a full-on ode, filled to the depressed gills with references to characters and ideas from across his poetry and novellas. Much like how Stephen King’s The Dark Tower novels melded many of his previous works into one interconnected multiverse, this pulpy mix of investigation, third-person shooting and survival horror happily cherry picks characters from across Lovecraft’s work and plonks them into the same, rain-drenched city off the coast of Massachusetts.

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