John McEnwoe.

Let’s forget the warm-up and jump straight to the first serve, shall we? Tennis World Tour 2 demands a level of precision from its players that it simply isn’t capable of facilitating. This is a sombre and serious tennis sim that bases its take on the sport around the perfect timing of shots and their precision placement on court. It’s a solid idea with a steep learning curve that should prove satisfying but is instead turned into a frustrating and unrewarding experience by a serious lack of fluidity in the game’s moment-to-moment action, player animations that fail to cover even basic eventualities, dodgy AI and a framerate in handheld mode that isn’t up to snuff.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a truly great entry in the tennis genre and this generation in particular has had to make do with a handful of pretty mediocre experiences, particularly in terms of titles that aim to recreate the sport in a realistic way. The first entry in the Tennis World Tour franchise, released back in 2018, was a rather woeful affair that was easily bested by its nearest competitor, the AO Tennis series, and although what’s here is an improvement, it still suffers from infuriating core gameplay that drains the fun and excitement out of matches no matter how much practice you’re willing to put in.

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