Hollow Fragment.

Sword Art Online has been around in some form or another since all the way back in the prehistoric times commonly referred to as 2002. Originally a series of light novels, it’s been praised for its exploration of themes relating to the intertwining of real and virtual worlds and the effect this has on the psyche and physicality of those who experience it in a long-term capacity. Set in the near future, it sees protagonist Kuzuto “Kirito” Kirigaya and his friends locked in a VR tournament in which death means actual death; their real-world bodies withering away in hospital beds, they have no choice but to ascend the 100 levels of Aincrad in order to be set free.

After this initial incident is resolved the heroes go on to duke it out with evil forces, laugh, love and form relationships together as they take part in various virtual reality massively multiplayer online games, or VRMMOs, across the several series that make up Sword Art Online as a whole. These VR tournaments and battles have changed themes over the course of Sword Art’s life and it’s the world of Gun Gale Online, a VRMMO based entirely around shooting ruddy great big guns, that’s the focus of this videogame adaptation.

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