Easy left, easy right.

Mario Kart has taught us to expect a close-up, over-the-shoulder view of our arcade racers, but it didn’t always used to be this way. Back in the NES days, the likes of R.C. Pro-Am and Super Off-Road offered a birds-eye view of the action.

It’s this old-school racing spirit that developer 21c. Ducks seeks to evoke with Super Pixel Racers. Looking down on your pixellated rally car, like a drone covering the World Rally Championship, there’s an instant warm and fuzzy retro feel to the action. While the cars you’ll racing are all pretty grounded approximations of classic rally cars (Subarus and Mitsubishis, you know the drill), this is anything but a racing simulator. Your car auto-accelerates for one thing, while using a drift button to slide around corners will accrue boost for your nitro.

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