The Console War rages on.

For those that haven’t stumbled across this side-scrolling RPG series, the Neptunia games have been knocking around since 2010. Originally created by Compile Heart, Idea Factory and various other Japanese studios since, the adventures of chirpy goddess Neptune and the ongoing Console War have been a PlayStation console exclusive for years until now. And Super Neptunia RPG isn’t just the first instalment to appear on Nintendo hardware, but also the first one to be developed by a Western studio. While not completely unheard of, it is quite unusual for a very Japanese-centric franchise to be handed over to a non-native outfit – even if this is just a spin-off.

To its credit, Canadian outfit Artisan Games clearly knows the series its drawing from, taking cues from both the mainline Neptunia series and from a number of other much-loved JRPGs. While other spin-offs have spun into everything from CCGs to dating sims, Super Neptunia RPG instead opts for something a little more in-line with the series’ roots. There are still plenty of those visual novel-style cutscenes, with long-winded conversations between various atypical anime characters with giant weapons and questionable fashion choices, only now there’s a greater focus on side-scrolling movement and platforming rather than 3D exploration.

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