Spirited away.

The Switch has become home to a vast array of horror titles over its relatively short life, including multiple entries from big-hitters such as Resident Evil to the likes of Layers of Fear and Outlast. It is in this crowded landscape that Aksys Games’ NG has been brought over to the west, under the title Spirit Hunter: NG. The previous outing in the Spirit Hunter series, Death Mark, was well received. Should the competition be a little scared?

The big difference with Spirit Hunter: NG is the fact that it is a visual novel, and one following the traditions of Japanese horror and folklore. You play as Akira Kijima, a melancholic kid with a bit of a violent history. Recently adopted by his Aunt Natsumi, the game kicks off with a certain ‘event’ involving his nominal sister Ami. Without spoiling the story, we will say that Akira is forced into playing a game by the mythical Princess Kaguya which involves tracking down tormented spirits by gathering whatever information you can regarding local urban legends and discovering the source of their ‘grudge’ which is causing them to torment the living. This is about as easy as it sounds, and requires the player to delve into the most unsettling places imaginable.

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