Sounds good.

When playing an instrument, it can be thrilling to finally nail that song that you’ve been trying to master for some time. Rhythm games are built on this concept, challenging you to replay levels as many times as needed until you get it perfect. Sometimes rhythm mechanics even work well in other genres — just look at how Runner3 manages to pull off a rhythmic platformer. But what if we tried making a twin-stick shooter with rhythm elements? You’d probably get something a lot like Soundfall, the inaugural release from Drastic Games, a studio formed from Epic Games alumni. Though Soundfall doesn’t quite have the pipes to hit the high notes, it nonetheless provides an enjoyable action experience that’s quite unlike anything else on Switch eShop right now.

Soundfall places you in the role of Melody, a down-on-her-luck barista with incredible musical ability that largely goes unrealized. Before leaving for work one day, Melody sits down to listen to some music and finds herself transported away to a magical musical world called Symphonia. This is the place from which all music comes, but Melody’s arrival is not necessarily a good sign. There’s a rising power of evil monsters called Discordians that threaten the creation of music, and it’s up to Melody and friends to rise to their role as Guardians of Harmony and thwart the discordant threat.

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