A tile matching quest for the ages.

Originally released back in 2007 for the Nintendo DS, Puzzle Quest was something of a surprise hit. Expertly blending the tile-matching mechanics of Bejeweled with more traditional RPG mechanics like turn-based battles, you could almost argue that it pioneered a completely new sub-genre. Of course, in the years following its release, the genre has evolved thanks to multiple spin-off titles and an avalanche of mobile games presenting their own take on the ‘match-three RPG’ premise.

So how does the original hold up in 2019? Quite well, as a matter of fact. Relaunching in remastered form as Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns, the game has mostly stood the test of time as far as gameplay is concerned, with all special abilities and chain combos present and correct – though there are a few concerns as far as its overall presentation goes.

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