All the tools you need to create something you wouldn’t want to play.

The definition of karma is giving a reviewer who has handed out their share of 4s and 6s in the last month a review copy of a platform game creator and effectively saying ‘you do better’. While PlataGo! presents an ample feature set that leaves mean critical types with few excuses for their terrible creations, a combination of interface frustrations and generic audio and visual building blocks unfortunately put a cap on the fun, and another middling mark in the score dropdown.

Hewing close to the Super Mario Maker template, PlataGo! sees you placing terrain, platforms, pickups, enemies and obstacles on a grid to create your own platforming challenges to be shared online. PlataGo! ships with a feature-set that is in some ways richer than the Wii U edition of the Nintendo plumber’s toolkit – the availability of slopes, auto-scroll/locked cameras and decorative background and foreground layer editing bring it more in line with the imminent sequel. Similarly, individual levels can have different ‘regions’ with different gameplay rules, and levels can be strung together to make rudimentary campaigns.

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