Spooks show.

While our interactive medium has played host to a fair few ‘spy games’ over the years, most have opted for stealthy infiltration (hello Splinter Cell and Metal Gear) or all-out gunfights with the occasional silencer thrown in for good measure (see just about every James Bond game ever made). However, it’s the games that dig deep into the dangers and complicated minutiae of spycraft – such as the underrated Alpha Protocol and the original Syndicate titles – that often capture that murky world of double agents and burned assets.

Phantom Doctrine aims to follow in the footsteps of these rare experiences, with a Cold War-set affair that pits one shadowy counter-intelligence organisation against another in a clandestine battle of wits, double-crosses and (if all else fails) violence. The result is an unusual and occasionally imbalanced mixture of genres, with most of your time spent overseeing a network of agents as you attempt to uncover the truth behind a nefarious group known as the Beholder Initiative, interspersed between a series of turn-based operations out in the field.

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