Plata o plomo?

Remember when licensed games used to be all the rage? A generation ago, practically every film worth its salt had a tie-in video game, and while there were the occasional good ones – GoldenEye 007 anyone? – for the most part, they were a cheap and forgettable way to boost your Gamerscore while simultaneously filling up the shelves in your CeX. Nowadays, TV is the big boy on the entertainment block and we’re slowly seeing some new attempts to – shock horror – produce video game companions pieces that actually complement the source material. And with its mostly well-recreated levels and familiar cast of characters, developer Kuju Entertainment is looking to do just that with Narcos: Rise of the Cartels.

Set during the events of the show’s first season, Narcos splits its campaign into 18 main story chapters and a healthy selection of side missions, with the opportunity to play as both DEA and as El Patron’s drug-peddling Medellin Cartel. It would have been tempting to waste the potential of such a beloved license and produce a mindless and instantly forgettable shooter, but instead we’re treated to a turn-based tactical experience that uses familiar characters (with some bargain-basement voice actors filling in for the likes of Pedro Pascal) and snippets of footage from the show itself.

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