A Nessa-sary buy.

There are few things on this earth as expansive and wonder-filled as the imagination of a child, and there are few games that can communicate this concept as effectively as Knights and Bikes. The latest release from Foam Sword – a studio comprised of some ex-Media Molecule staff – manages to perfectly convey the carefree and curious nature of childhood adventure, while also hitting enough notes to be a decent co-op action game. Although the gameplay doesn’t do anything new or particularly compelling, the overall aesthetic of the presentation and storytelling guarantees that Knights and Bikes is an unforgettable co-op adventure.

The story takes place on the mysterious Penfurzy Island, where long ago a treasure was hidden on the island by fearless knights and subsequently cursed by forces unseen. Nessa, a seemingly orphaned girl, comes to the island in pursuit of the lost treasure, and she then becomes fast friends with the energetic and imaginative Demelza, who lives at a trailer park/golf course run by her dad. Demelza initially doesn’t really believe in the treasure, but she quickly changes her mind when she and Nessa inadvertently trigger what seems to be a real curse on the island.

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