What a rush!

ITTA is the kind of game that will make you scream with frustration as much as it’ll make you’ll whoop with joy. One of those interactive experiences that gets your adrenaline pumping like a shot of epinephrine to the heart, while simultaneously putting your Nintendo Switch at risk of being smashed to smithereens. That, of course, is the very essence of the ‘bullet hell’ genre, and ITTA knows it all too well. Lulling you into a false sense of calm as you explore the beautiful, combat-free open areas and hidden chambers of its world before plunging you into a boss fight where every pixel seemingly means to do you grievous bodily harm.

Twin-stick shooters tend to squeeze your heart with stress, but ITTA prefers to get your ticker beating with combat one moment while tugging at your heartstrings the next. It’s a game about grief, and the prices we’re willing to pay in order to endure and soldier on. It’s not your usual fare in this genre, but the team behind this genre-fusing adventure clearly want to tell a story with real emotional resonance. It’s an unusual choice, but one that helps ground the intense battles that tie the game’s narrative together.

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