Taking “voices in the head” to the next level.

Lab Zero Games made quite a name for itself when it first came onto the scene with the launch of Skullgirls about eight years ago, where it demonstrated a remarkable penchant for smooth 2D animation and tight combat design. A few years after its success there, the studio launched an Indiegogo campaign in which it revealed its next major project, Indivisible. Billed as an RPG that would blend in elements of Valkyrie Profile and Super Metroid, Indivisible quickly accrued its campaign goal and then some, and saw its initial release on other platforms just this past fall. Now, Indivisible has (somewhat unexpectedly) made its way onto the Switch, and we can confidently say that it has been worth the wait.

Indivisible follows the story of Ajna, a fiery teenager who grew up in a remote village, trained in martial arts by her mysterious and stoic father. Life is peaceful in the village of Ashwat, but things very quickly go awry, however, when the forces of an evil warlord named Ravannavar burn down her village and kill her father. In the ensuing chaos, Ajna also discovers that she possesses mysterious magical powers, chief among them being the ability to effectively absorb other people and deposit them into a pocket dimension in her brain. Eager to avenge her fallen father and home, Ajna sets out on a journey to kill Ravannavar, though her quest for revenge very quickly begins revealing secrets from her family’s shrouded past.

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