Shut up and Drive.

You’ve died. You keep dying. But every death imparts a new piece of knowledge. Sneak through that corridor. Use a door to take that guard out. Smash his brains out on the floor, then use his baseball bat to take out the gunmen in the next room. Blast the Doberman as its passes, then take the remaining enemies out before making a dash to your car and a quick exit. You’ll die and be reborn in an instant plenty of times before you’ve nailed the right pattern, but when you nail it, it’s glorious.

That’s the magic that makes the Drive-esque Hotline Miami games so deliciously addictive, so appetites have been well and sure whetted with the surprise arrival of the Hotline Miami Collection on Nintendo Switch. Dennaton Games’ top-down twin-stick shooter/murder simulator has been bashing pixelated skulls to mush since 2012, and it’s already proved a hit on multiple platforms (including portable devices) so a move to Nintendo’s latest hardware was always a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’. And now it’s finally here, in the kind of ‘out of nowhere fashion’ we’ve come to expect from a game published by Devolver Digital.

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