If you’re a fan of great big robots mercilessly smashing each other’s massive metal heads in – and let’s face it, who isn’t? – then RocketPunch Games’ superbly stylish 2D side-scroller Hardcore Mecha would like a very loud word. This is an absurdly overwrought anime adventure spread across a solid seven-hour campaign which sees you strap in for some hot mech-on-mech action as you blast across space with a motley crew of mercs on a dangerous contract to rescue a missing intelligence officer. Do you like Cybernator on the SNES? Imagine that turned up to eleven and you’re almost there.

From the get-go, Hardcore Mecha fully embraces its overblown anime influences, telling a ludicrously OTT tale that’s full of twists and turns, cheesy dialogue, guitar riffs, death, drama and multiple epic face-offs between main protagonist Tarethur O’Connell and his newly-found nemesis Vulphaes Bonaparte. What starts out as a relatively simple rescue mission to Mars for our colourful cast of rebel scum soon escalates into a full-scale Gundam-style war between the New United Nations and a mysterious terrorist cell known as Steel Dawn.

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