It stands to reason that if you weld four wheels and an engine onto something, there’s probably bound to be someone who wants to race said thing around a track like a maniac. Because that’s the only reason we can imagine why there’s a real-life professional racing league for big rigs and trucks. It’s clearly a big deal for many motorsport fans around the world, because the European Truck Racing Championship now has its own official game, featuring plenty of famous race tracks (including Nürburgring and the Fuji Speedway) and a total of 45 official trucks to choose from across its two classes.

FIA European Truck Racing Championship is another semi-realistic racing experience from publisher BigBen Interactive, following in the footsteps of TT Isle of Man and V-Rally 4. If you’ve played either of the above, or any of Milestone’s recent offerings, you’ll at least have some idea of what to expect from this double-A racer. In terms of the driving model, the handling is more in line with a clunky arcade racer, with only a moderate amount of adjustment needed to correct oversteer or understeer. The AI isn’t particularly clever or aggressive either, so you’re only ever going to lose a race because you spun out after another truck tapped the back end of your cab.

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