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The tale of Story of Seasons is a bit of a strange one. Originally conceived under the series name Harvest Moon, developer Marvelous enjoyed relative success with titles like Friends of Mineral Town, A Wonderful Life and Back to Nature. However, in 2012, the licensing of the name lapsed, and owner Natsume reclaimed ownership of the Harvest Moon name – but original developers Marvelous soldiered on regardless. With the first Story of Seasons title released for 3DS in 2014, they carry on the original spirit of the Harvest Moon titles of yore. Natsume has now started making its own Harvest Moon titles, but it’s generally considered that Story of Seasons is the true successor to the Harvest Moon name, which makes this Doraemon collaboration even more curious.

Doraemon: Story of Seasons could have easily been a simple reskin of the original game that we saw on 3DS, but it aspires to be much more and takes in tow with it the core values that make both the Japanese manga and anime series Doraemon and Story of Seasons so wholesome. After being transported into another world where Doraemon loses all of its cool, futuristic tools, you take the role of Noby, a child who gets transported alongside Doraemon and the group to the town of Natura. Noby is designated to revitalising an old derelict farm, and become a valued citizen in Natura.

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