Daylight Robbery?

Dead By Daylight is an asymmetrical, online-only survival horror game that has been pitting teams of survivors against crazed killers since 2016. The story sees innocent bystanders pulled into the world of the Entity, a supernatural being awakened from its slumber by the horrific actions of the cast of killers you get to play as here. Summoning them to its world, the entity charges these monsters with offering up human sacrifices in order to appease it. Players jump into a match as one of up to four survivors and attempt to escape the clutches of a single player-controlled killer by repairing a bunch of very noisy generators in order to open a great big door that lets them high-tail it out of the semi-randomly generated arena to victory and – we expect – some pretty heavy therapy.

Survivor characters, of which there are eleven included here (we’ll discuss DLC in a bit), all come with various traits that enable them to play slightly differently. Ace Visconti, for example, improves the general luck of the survivor team, whilst Feng Mi can hone in on the killer’s location more easily than others and is better at repairing generators. These traits can be augmented with perks and items; each survivor is able to equip one item and up to four perks as they level up and gain experience. Items include such things as healing kits to increase the speed at which you recover health and toolboxes which speed up the time it takes you to fix up a generator. You can also make offerings to the Entity which grant boons, such as the ability to gain more Bloodpoints, the game’s version of XP, which you feed into a randomly generated Bloodweb of upgrades and perks for each character.

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