Dungeon master.

Video games have been knocking around for so long now that they’ve even started making games about making games. From project management of Game Dev Tycoon to the silly Flash-based antics of Game Corp, the finer points of software development has already received the meta treatment. By that thinking, Dandy Dungeon – Legend of Brave Yamada should be nothing to shout about – especially when you learn it’s a flippin’ roguelite as well – but then you spend a little time with the titular Yamada and you discover just how well its pleasantly odd elements gel together.

Originally designed for smartphones back in 2017, Dandy Dungeon uses its ‘pick-up-and-play’ origins to create something that’s engrossing in short bursts and during extended play. You’re not just playing a game here; you’re playing someone else’s game in a game. That someone is Yamada, an unhappy 36-year-old software developer working for a shady publisher who keeps himself sane by programming his own project on the side. His game is a Bomberman-styled roguelite about a brave knight who battles monsters with nary a glimpse of fear in his eyes. Naturally, he’s everything the reclusive and awkward Yamada is not.

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