Finely oiled.

Amanita Design has made quite a name for itself producing distinctive, visually alluring and extremely intuitive point-and-click adventure-puzzlers for PC and mobile. Across the likes of Botanicula, Samorost and Machinarium there’s an evident shared love for the absurd and a predilection for charming wordless narratives. Now, the Czech developer is back with Creaks, a title which offers everything fans have come to expect of an Amanita game in spades but blessed with a newfound directness that should appeal to the console crowd.

At the outset of the game, our meek protagonist discovers a hatch in the wall of his ramshackle room. This hatch leads to a strange underworld citadel populated by curious creatures, including a race of avian bipeds, a gang of aggressive mechanical dogs, and a scattering of floating jellyfish. As is Amanita’s way, it’s never spelt out to you who these creatures are or what their place is within this dark and dilapidated world. It’s left to you to read between the lines, viewing curious clockwork artwork and playing the odd mechanical game as you discover them in the hallways, studies, and storerooms of this labyrinthine structure.

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