Higher, further, faster, baby.

Four years ago, the 3DS and Wii U were graced with a JRPG from Eden Industries called Citizens of Earth, which emulated the offbeat style of Nintendo’s cult-classic EarthBound to wonderful effect. Still, it was a bit of an uneven experience at times, with a series of niggling little issues that a sequel would likely rectify, and now we’ve been fortunate enough to receive that sequel in the form of Citizens of Space. Rather surprisingly, this new release eschews the EarthBound trappings in favour of another popular Nintendo RPG franchise, and while it still hasn’t outgrown all the little missteps of its predecessor, Citizens of Space proves to be a massively satisfying experience.

The story kicks off with you assuming the role of the Ambassador of Earth, a naïve and frustratingly optimistic man who’s comically narcissistic. After being invited into the Galactic Federation, our hero goes to give a speech to our new alien allies only to realize that the Earth itself has somehow gone missing. Realizing that he can’t be an ambassador if he has no planet to be “ambassing”, he then sets out on a journey across the stars to uncover where the Earth has gone and return it to its rightful place.

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