Behold the power of the “Shame Break”.

Caladrius Blaze is new to the Switch, but didn’t just pop up overnight. The top-down shooter launched as plain old Caladrius on Xbox 360 in Japan in 2013, before progressing through arcade, PS3, PS4 and Windows on the way to Switch. Looking further back, it’s descended from 1990s Japanese arcade favourite Raiden, which was among the early vertical shooters that set the scene for the bullet hell genre. When Seibu Kaihatsu, the makers of Raiden, went bankrupt, its former developers founded a studio called MOSS and purchased the Raiden IP. In between Raidens IV and V, MOSS gave us Caladrius. So here we are; a classic scrolling shooter with big-hitter heritage.

Caladrius doesn’t go to a great deal of trouble to tell a story, but it seems MOSS felt obliged to at least come up with something. They reached for the lowest-hanging post-war Japanese trope: a forbidden technology so powerful it must never be used; the folly of deploying such power in an attempt to eradicate evil. Therefore, you fly a spaceship and shoot baddies, apparently.

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