Arcade beatings, shooting and Pengos for everyone.

Triangle Service’s debut title for the Switch is a fairly safe option for the small developer, which compiles three of their previously-published arcade titles – along with a unique 2012 version of Sega’s Pengo – into a single package. But is it worth investing in Arcade Love: Plus Pengo!, which remains (at the time of writing) a Japan-only oddity, given the extensive choices already available on the Switch’s library?

The first of the packaged offerings is also the weakest of the lot: Action Game Skill Test is a kusoge-level, over-the-top collection of scrolling beat’em up clichés, such as fighting packs of enemies or barrel-busting bonus stages along with some random oddball scenarios like ringing enemy’s doorbells and running away, wack-a-mole and even a Track and Field-style sports event (with an admittedly funny twist).

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