Diet Souls.

Animus: Harbinger attempts to take the well-worn Dark Souls style of slow, methodical combat and create a boss-rush game that sees you battle your way through a total of twenty-one small arena levels, defeating a handful of run-of-the-mill enemies before taking on an area boss in order to gain new weapons, grab upgrade shards and money to enhance your currently equipped gear or buy new stuff in the game’s black market store. It’s a pretty neat idea that’s let down by repetitive and basic level design, some crummy hitbox detection, janky animations, dull AI and boss encounters that don’t so much test your skill as they do your patience.

It’s not hard to see that this was originally a mobile, microtransaction-based game and, although that element has been stripped out here, the grindy and repetitive nature of its origins remain intact. Levels are short, small and samey, normal enemies are dumb and don’t take kindly to such elite combat tactics as being strafed and bosses have a very limited number of attacks which you’ll learn to avoid quite easily – but still find yourself succumbing to on account of that dodgy hitbox detection combined with moves that feel flaky and unresponsive to perform.

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