Don’t get angry.

There’s a reason that James Rolfe’s Angry Video Game Nerd character has outlasted and out-performed so many imitators – the veneer of showmanship and the pantomimed, goofy, insincere anger are worlds apart from the genuine venom spewed by those he seems to have influenced. The Nerd isn’t a dangerous, hateful entity – he’s funny, he’s silly, because James understands that it’s absurd to get mad about video games.

With such popularity and longevity, it was inevitable that The Nerd would see a videogame outing of his own, and Freakzone’s Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures hit Wii U and 3DS in 2013 to a decent reception. An accomplished, confident quasi-masocore platformer, it was a short but sweet piece of AVGN fanservice with solid level design and a nice line in hidden content. Still, it was a surprise when sequel Angry Video Game Nerd 2: ASSimilation hit PC exclusively in 2016. Much improved from the original, we felt it was a shame that this superior follow-up never hit consoles – until now.

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