“I pushed back hard”.

Update : G4 has now uploaded the full interview with Reggie – adding some much-needed context to that line about how much he “hated Donkey Konga”. It turns out, he was just protective and was worried about the music rhythm series ruining the Donkey Kong brand. In the end, though, he admits it sold “reasonably” well.

“I have to tell you, as an executive, I hated Donkey Konga. I hated it. I fought with our parent company. I thought it was going to hurt the Donkey Kong brand. Personally, I didn’t find it a lot of fun to play so I pushed back hard. You know what? We launched it. The first game actually sold reasonably well, but boy I was not a fan.”

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Original source: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2022/05/reggie-hated-donkey-konga-and-was-worried-it-would-hurt-the-dk-brand