Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC has landed, and while there are already RDR2 mods available, it appears that some players have experienced a few hiccups in getting it up and running. Many users are reporting that the game crashes, either upon launch or when trying to get beyond the loading screen – and it doesn’t look like there’s a universal solution just yet.

In the replies to publisher Rockstar’s RDR2 release announcement on Twitter, players have been posting screenshots of error messages popping up on their PCs, showing the game ‘exiting unexpectedly.’ Users on Reddit have also been reporting crashes, with the messages advising players to give a ‘retry’ or ‘safe mode’ a go.

While it’s not immediately clear what might be causing the crashes, some users have suggested that disabling their antivirus software appears to have worked. This method isn’t confirmed as a fix, however (and naturally it’s important to be cautious around disabling antivirus software).

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