Although Red Dead Redemption 2 is set in 1899, almost 20 years after the first set of rules for American football were created, the open-world game has little in the way of sporting activities for wandering outlaws. Some Red Dead Online players have decided to fix that with pigby, a violent mash-up of rugby and the NFL.

As shown in this Reddit compilation, the way a round of pigby works is simple. One player acts as the referee, walking to a mid-point between two teams in an open space, and tosses down a small pig’s corpse. Then the opposing sides run headlong into each other fists and elbows out, until one manages to pick-up the carcass and run with it the other side of the playing field. Imagine a wall of death at a heavy metal concert, but there was a dead animal in the middle everyone was trying to catch amid the black eyes and stiff digs.

The Reddit thread lists a Facebook group that plays pigby, but they’re on Xbox. You’ll need to rally your own mates, find a suitable field, and get your own piece of animal hide, if you want to bring pigby to PC.

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