Remember when older games used to look incredible, or a videogame cutscene looked as awesome as anything in movies? Then you revisit them a few years later and they look blocky, stilted, and awful? Congratulations, you’re getting older.

Other than a full, expensive remaster, one new way for those games to look better cheaply that fans are discovering is through AI upscaling – where a game’s textures are polished and their resolution improved by an AI system. But what about a game’s cutscenes?

One YouTube channel has taken the challenge of applying this AI upscaling technology to older videogame cutscenes – and they’ve kicked off with one of the finest examples of lovable cheese out there, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. The Command & Conquer series from Westwood famously has full live-action cutscenes, including the use of notable actors such as Tim Curry, Jonathan Pryce, Kelly Hu and JK Simmons. Red Alert 2 is arguably the best Command & Conquer game, and its wacky cutscenes are a large part of the appeal.

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