“Bedrock massacre”.

They say that one of the most zen things you can do with a few hours of your life is digging in Minecraft. There’s something supremely relaxing about the soft, repetitive sound of pickaxe-meeting-stone; combine it with an enchanted diamond pickaxe and a couple of beacons and you can mine out entire caves in mere minutes.

But what about… an entire world? Does that sound zen, or does that sound incomprehensibly pointless to you? Well, that’s what YouTuber and streamer Minthical has been doing for the past four years… and he’s almost done, apparently.

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Original source: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/12/random-this-guy-has-been-mining-out-an-entire-minecraft-world-for-4-years-and-hes-almost-finished