A new farm building coming to Stardew Valley will allow players to raise fish and collect their eggs.

That’s the headline – so far – of the game’s forthcoming 1.4 update, which developer Eric Barone has been teasing on Twitter. An image containing several fish ponds and an adjoining farmhouse can be seen, with the caption “Another sneak peek into the upcoming 1.4 update… introducing fish ponds, a new farm building that allows you to raise fish and collect eggs (roe) and other products.” There are several characters gathered around the ponds fishing and enjoying the installations.

The last tidbit on 1.4 was back in April, when Barone shared a Tweet discussing a new map called ‘Four Corners’. The last big gameplay update was 1.3.27, which released around this time last year and added multiplayer, as well as a number of new events, monsters, and items. Updates since then have been mostly bug fixes and technical tweaks, the most recent of which, released in March this year, added language support for French, Italian, Hungarian, Turkish, and Korean.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/stardew-valley/fish-farm-building