The new year for Ubisoft’s tactical shooter is getting underway soon, which means the Rainbow Six Siege Void Edge release date is here – on the TTS, at least. Y5S1 has come to the test server, and that means the Void Edge patch notes have arrived. While we’ve seen most of the content for the new season in-depth, the notes provide us a closer look at all the buffs, nerfs, and minor tweaks coming for Void Edge.

Lesion is getting nerfed. When an enemy steps on the GU, they’ll now have a brief window to react and disable the mine before taking damage – and that damage has been reduced from six to four per tick. Mines can no longer hurt downed players, and Lesion’s ability to see the GU mines has been reduced.

Twitch gets some notable tweaks, as well. Her Shock Drone now has a cooldown system – Ubisoft says it’s like Echo’s Yokai. The drone now starts with three shots, and it now deals one point of damage. The devs aim to “turn Twitch’s focus to Defenders’ utility, while keeping her drone relevant over the duration of the round.”

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