They said they would never, ever rework Tachanka, one of the most memed operators in all of Rainbow Six Siege, but Ubisoft has unveiled its vision for a reworked Tachanka that looks truly formidable.

Shown off at the Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 reveal, the Tachanaka rework still stays true to the character, with his weapons resembling antiques, but he looks like he could now be a powerful defender. For starters, Tachanka is losing his turret as being stationary makes him too much of an easy target at high level play. However, he now gains the LMG as his primary weapon, and from what we’ve seen of it, it can cause a lot of destruction – the demo showed a player using it to create a vault hole for easy rotations.

As if that wasn’t enough, Tachanka is getting a new gadget: an incendiary grenade launcher. The launcher is another WW2 relic and you can use it to bounce grenades around corners. When these grenades go off they will create fire walls that damage anyone in their radius, much like Capitao’s fire bolts.

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