PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds isn’t the battle royale powerhouse it was in the glory days, but that doesn’t mean its slowing down on development. A new and reasonably reliable datamine suggests that the game will soon include a clan system.

As our sister site The Loadout reports, PlayerIGN is the source of the new leak, and he’s based his predictions on the presence of some files discovered by his Discord group. According to what they’ve unearthed in the current build of PUBG, clans will be limited to 20 players each and cost 5,000 BP to establish. They’ll have names that run 2-15 characters in length, with abbreviations of 2-4 characters each.

PlayerIGN also says the files indicate a system for recruits and resumes, which suggests that you’ll be able to submit your in-game stats or other bona fides as part of the process of joining a clan. The specifics on that are of course speculative, but what PlayerIGN and company have found is the indication of a system that will handle that somehow.

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