Protect that gorgeous iPhone 11 with the best iPhone 11 screen protector. It’s a must if you don’t want your screen scratched up or possibly cracked. Note that both the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11 have the same screen dimensions: 5.94-inches-by-2.98-inches. So, the a screen protector made for the iPhone XR will fit your iPhone 11 too. Here are some of the best iPhone 11 screen protectors you can buy.

Best overall

TETHYS Glass Screen Protector for the iPhone 11 (3-pack)

Staff Favorite

This well-reviewed three-pack comes with a plastic frame to guide perfect installation. The curved black frame around the clear glass screen protector goes all the way to the edge of your screen and melts into the iPhone’s bezel. So, you won’t notice it once the protector is in place.

$10 at Amazon

Clear bargain

Trianium Screen Protector for the iPhone 11 (3-pack)

What a bargain! Get three clear glass 0.25-millimeter screen protectors, plus an installation frame to ensure perfect placement.

$7 at Amazon

Privacy, please

JETech Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 11 (2-pack)

When what’s on your screen is for your eyes only, you need a privacy screen protector. You can only see through this tinted glass protector when you look at it straight on, so looky-loos around around you are out of luck. It’s made of tempered glass and comes two to a package.

$9 at Amazon

Camera protection

UniqueMe Camera Lens Protector for the iPhone 11 (2-pack)

Protect those fancy camera lenses on the back of your new iPhone 11. UniqueMe Camera Lens Protector won’t affect the camera’s flash or resolution. This is a two-pack, so you’ll have a spare.

$8 at Amazon

Full coverage

ESR iPhone 11 Screen Protector

Curved edges mean your screen coverage is truly edge-to-edge. This two-pack includes a whole kit for perfect installation. Plus, its ultra-thin tempered glass won’t affect touch sensitivity.

$15 at Amazon

Installation machine

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 11

This two-pack of 9H-hardness case-friendly screen protectors comes with an installation tray. This tray makes placing your screen protector super quick, easy, and precise. It reminds me of the installation “machines” we used when I worked at the Apple Store.

$15 at Amazon

Flexible film

DeltaShield Screen Protector for iPhone 11 TPU Film

If you prefer not to use a tempered glass screen protector, consider this flexible TPU film instead. The 99.9% ultra-clear HD military-grade film is oleophobic to resist fingerprints and “self-healing” to resist scratches. A camera module film is included too, along with everything you need for installation.

$9 at Amazon


totallee Tempered Glass Screen Protector edge-to-edge

This is the one that kept my previous iPhone’s screen pristine. This edge-to-edge screen cover was easy to install, straight and bubble-free, and once installed, it is barely perceptible. It almost seems to melt into the edges of the iPhone.

$39 at totallee

Peace of mind

Syncwire Screen Protector for iPhone 11, iPhone XR (3-Pack)

You get three tempered glass screen protectors (plus an installation tray) in this package, plus three years of support. So, if your screen protector has bubbles underneath, or you install it incorrectly, or even if you crack it, you can contact Syncwire for a replacement.

$15 at Amazon

Clear plastic

Supershieldz for the iPhone 11 (6-pack)

If you don’t want the weight and breakability of glass, here’s another option. This six-pack of clear, high-definition PET film screen protectors offers lightweight protection for your iPhone’s screen.

$6 at Amazon

$7 at Walmart

Matte plastic

iCarez Matte Screen Protector for the iPhone 11 (6-pack)

Some people prefer matte plastic film. It’s lightweight, smooth, and it reduces both fingerprints and screen glare. I do think it cuts down the clarity of your screen as well, but for some, it’s a worthwhile trade-off. You get six for one low price with iCarez.

$8 at Amazon

Matte glass

Mothca Matte Screen Protector for the iPhone 11

Get the silky-smooth matte screen experience in a hard, protective 9H tempered glass protector. It cuts glare, and fingerprints are barely noticeable.

$9 at Amazon

How do you choose the best iPhone 11 screen protector?

Applying a screen protector the moment you remove the protective film it ships with is the best way to avoid fingerprints, dust, and damage to your iPhone 11. If you’ve already started using your new iPhone and you want to add a screen protector, or you need to replace a damaged one, just be sure to clean your screen well before applying.

Most people just want a simple glass screen protector without spending a lot of money. If that’s the case, go for the TETHYS Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 11. You get the most bang for your buck, with a frame to assist your installation and three screen protectors in the package. The glass is hydrophobic and oleophobic to resist prints and smudges. This screen protector offers edge-to-edge protection, unlike some that leave several millimeters exposed around the edges.

If you need that privacy screen, go for the JETech Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 11. These screen protectors are like the tinted car windows of the iPhone world. You can still see your phone, but the person sitting next to you cannot. You get two, so you can share with a friend or have a spare if you need it.

For all-over protection, be sure to get a case as well. We’ve rounded up the best iPhone 11 cases for you so you can make the best selection. As mentioned above, the best iPhone XR screen protectors will also fit your iPhone 11.

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