Prince of Persia is one of the most beloved series in games, spanning a classic 2D platformer and multiple excellent reboots through the early 2000s – plus a few games from the 90s we don’t talk about. A decade after the last major release, Ubisoft has announced a new Prince of Persia game – and, of course, it’s a virtual reality escape room.

The Dagger of Time is another in Ubisoft’s series of escape games, built for use in VR arcades, escape rooms, and other big-scale entertainment venues. Previous escape games include the Assassin’s Creed-inspired Escape the Lost Pyramid and Beyond Medusa’s Gate, though those don’t have quite the dagger of being based on a mostly-dead series.

The Prince of Persia escape game is set directly during the events of the Sands of Time trilogy, and has players summoned to the Fortress of Time by Kaileena to stop, uh, evil stuff from happening. Two to four players will slow, stop, and rewind time to get those objectives done.

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