What’ll it be, stranger?

And we’re back! Welcome to the third edition of Box Art Brawl, the series where we ask you lovely people to decide which lucky territory got the best box art of a certain retro classic. Last week we looked at Contra (or Probotector as it was known in Europe) and it was decided that the North American muscle-bound variant was the pick of the bunch. The gun-toting robots of the European version picked up a respectable third of the vote with the Japanese original suffering an overwhelming defeat.

This week we’re generation hopping once again, jumping from the NES all the way to the GameCube era for Capcom’s hugely influential Resident Evil 4. A radical departure from the static camera gameplay of the previous survival horror games, RE4 would shape the third-person action genre for many years to come and cast a shadow in 2005 that the series had a hard time escaping from until very recently. Originally a Nintendo exclusive, it would famously make its way to every platform under the sun. We’ve included a few bonuses here for fun, but we’ll be sticking to GameCube version for the actual poll.

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