Don’t just level up, level up efficiently.

Several players have already found that they can level up significantly within the first few hours of Diablo Immortal if they play the right way. You can level up and upgrade your gear to become more powerful, but the means to do so will come from completing a variety of tasks. At the time of writing this, the level cap is 60. Save yourself some time by not only leveling up quickly but efficiently too.

Play through the main campaign

As you’d expect, the fastest way to level up in Diablo Immortal is by playing through the main story quests. Sidequests will also give you the means to level up, but not nearly at the same rate as the main campaign will. So take on as many sidequests as you like, but to really level up quickly, dive into those main stories.

Claim your daily rewards

There are several rewards to claim on any given day, whether that’s from the free dailies page, the free battle pass, or the Events page. Check through the various menus and get all the freebies available to you. This will often net you gear, Gold, or other rewards that you can equip or use to upgrade your equipment to become more powerful.

Play to your class strengths

Each of the Diablo Immortal classes plays a bit differently. For instance, the Crusader can take on a ton of damage but doesn’t deal out quite as much while the Demon Hunter offers ranged attacks but cannot take too many hits. So it’s important to play into your character’s strengths and be aware of their weaknesses so you can use their skills appropriately in battle. Otherwise, you will fall over and over again.

Consider buying the Battle Pass

You do not need to spend any money to enjoy Diablo Immortal, but paying for the battle pass will help you level up faster.

The Battle Pass unlocks helpful rewards each time you unlock new levels. That way you can get powerful gear or items used to upgrade the gear you have more easily. You can either purchase the Empowered Battle Pass for $4.99 or get the Collector’s Empowered Battle Pass for $14.99 to get additional cosmetic rewards and a rank boost.

Use your AoE attacks in battle

Each character has a different set of attacks available to them. The basic attack only hits one enemy at a time, however Area of Effect (AoE) attacks deal damage within a highlighted area for a limited amount of time, allowing you to take down a horde easier. Then of course, the more enemies you kill the more experience points you get and the more powerful you become.

Defeat several enemies within a short period

You can also get bonuses for killing a large number of enemies in an area. When this happens a red notice comes on the screen telling you how many kills you have and tallies the experience points you’ve gained from doing so. Fighting effectively with multi-enemy attacks and AoE attacks will help you unlock these bonus points more often.

Equip better gear and get back out there

Obviously, the better your gear, the stronger you will become against opponents. You’ll often pick up gear while in a quest, so check frequently to see if it’s better than what you’ve currently got and equip it if so. When you’re around a Blacksmith, see if you can upgrade your best gear to make it even more powerful before heading out on another quest. This way, you’ll be more likely to make it through missions successfully and gain more experience, which in turn will make you stronger.

Participate in events!

As you’re running around, you might get a notification saying that an event is available. These are usually limited-time opportunities that can give you special rewards and experience points. So if you get a notification for an Event near you, participate in it before continuing with whatever you were doing before.

I have the power!

If you make the right moves, acquire the right gear, and go after the right kinds of quests, you’ll find yourself launching through levels in no time. Play it smart and you can become a powerful force to be reckoned with in just a few hours after starting Diablo Immortal.

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