Destiny 2 has had a big week with the launch of Shadowkeep and its free-to-play debut, and all the hype has brought in a bunch of new and returning players. While it’s no surprise to see the Destiny 2 player count reaching new heights thanks to its newly-removed price of entry, the launch has shuffled the platform hierarchy, and PC is now the game’s top platform.

Steam players currently comprise 41% of the overall Destiny 2 pie, according to data from the community-built tracker, Charlemagne. PlayStation 4 comes in second with 34% of players, and Xbox One trails in third with 25%. An archived version of the same page from back in July shows the PC version (then on with 22% of players, compared with 32% on X1 and 46% on PS4.

Clearly, the jump to Steam has paid off. The Charlemagne bot on Discord shows more specific player counts. On October 8, Destiny 2 saw 2.38 million players overall. 743k were on PS4, 600k were on Xbox One, and while this bot is still stuck with old data for now, that leaves over a million daily players on Steam. (The bot also tracks a different period of time than the website, so the percentages are slightly different.)

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